Sean Cohen

Senior Manager Smart Water for Suez Australia & New Zealand

Sean is the Senior Manager Smart Water for Suez Australia & New Zealand, and works to add intelligence to the infrastructure that supports our communities.

Sean brings a unique perspective on how intelligent systems collide and integrate with people. He has built a career on technology development and deployment, including substations, water & waste treatment plants, award winning communications systems, and medical devices.

“Smart Cities” have considered only how the city will adapt to the people, not the other way around. The IOT era opens new possibilities for closing the loop between customers and the systems that support them – helping people realise they’re part of an ecosystem, and how their behaviour affects their community.

Friday, November 1
11:00 am - 12:30 pm • Data in the smart city: Case studies from the field
We talk about data being the new oil, the data economy and data-led decision making – but what does this look like in practice? In this series of case studies, we hear from organisations that are generating value from data and changing the way investment in infrastructure and services is made. Case studies from:
  • Bernadette Stone, Brisbane City Council
  • James Vidler, City of Newcastle
  • James Peet, Moreton Bay Regional Council
  • Jag Walia, City of Melville
  • Sean Cohen, Suez
  • Michelle Fitzgerald, City of Melbourne
  • Claire Daniel, UNSW