Nikki Eylon

Managing Director ANZ at ParKam

With 20 years of managerial experience, Nikki joined ParKam in its very early stage to lead the ANZ operation. ParKam’s innovative holistic parking solution covers many aspects of today’s Smart City operation. In recent months, Nikki led ParKam into signing the largest project in the world of bay finding using image processing solution, with Curtin University in WA.

Nikki is enthusiastic about innovation and finding new solutions. Penetrating and emerging into new markets is one of the biggest challenges facing an entrepreneur, Nikki believes that utilising creative ideas and believing in your product will get you there.

Nikki is a classic multitasker, who loves reinventing herself every day. Changing careers, inspired by elite sportsman, high-end fashion design and now in the world of technology and start-ups, Nikki embraces the changes and applies her versatile knowledge in every situation.

Interpersonal relationship is the key to every business success. Whether within the business or with their clients, Nikki believes that the key to success is within you and your relationship with the people around you.