Helen Sprenger

Consultant and Business Development Manager at Telstra

Helen offers a latitude of experience from 16 years in mobile telecommunications, with a specialised focus on Telemetry solutions and the Internet of Things for the last 11 years.  She has been immersed in the cellular network evolution journey from the humble days of 2G networks, through to today’s more advanced and dedicated LTE-M and NB-IoT network technologies.  And now, we are positioning ourselves to embrace the benefits of 5G.

Helen has consulted to local Councils and national Transport departments, in addition to participating in global ITS Conferences and running workshops to evangelise the Internet of Things.  She recognises the importance of a City being able to provide ‘connected’ and intelligent services to its residents, employees and visitors – ones that that improve business productivity and enhance quality of life.  Her degree in Computer Science provides a foundation for understanding the importance of having all layers of the IT stack seamlessly in place to deliver clever and reliable Smart City solutions.