Dr Vanessa Douglas-Savage

Partner, GWI

Dr. Vanessa Douglas-Savage is a leading information and data expert who specialises in information architecture, knowledge management, information security and information privacy and ethics.

With over 15 years of experience, Vanessa is passionate about ensuring organisations leverage the value of their information. She enjoys untangling and sorting through the interconnections of information and data between people, processes and systems to identify new ways of working or unlock hidden opportunities.

Vanessa’s alter-ego “Simplifica” embodies her passion for working in ill-defined and emerging areas as the technology landscape further changes the way we work and do business.


Friday, November 1
11:00 am - 12:30 pm • The CB City Project Accelerator
The Brief It is one of the most innovative and emerging models of data management and governance, and its only at Smart Cities Week. Join us in the CB City Accelerator as we build the foundations of a Civic Data Trust, step by step. Session leads:
  • Petrhyce Donovan, City of Canterbury Bankstown
  • Merrick Spain, Civic Analytica
  • Dr Vanessa Savage-Douglas, GWI
Hosted by:
1:30 pm - 3:00 pm • Crunch: Analytics for organisational transformation
From digital twins and social wellbeing analysis, to citizen science and analytics as-a-service models. From command and control centres and digital humans, to gamification and open budgeting platforms. There is no value in data until it is converted into insight. Join us for this final session in The Data Room as we showcase the latest and emerging techniques for generating value from data.   Guests:
  • Daniel Booth, City of Melbourne
  • John Hawke, City of Perth
  • Dr Vanessa Savage-Douglas, GWI
  • Kristy Ferguson, WSP Digital
  • Eric Louw, Aurecon
  • Merrick Spain, Civic Analytica