Craig Young

CEO, Telecommunications Association of New Zealand

Craig is passionate about the communications industry and the opportunity it offers for improving business and personal lives in New Zealand.  He is currently the Chief Executive of the Telecommunications Association of NZ (TUANZ) which as a member based organisation educates and advocates for the improvement of communication services across NZ.  TUANZ has a proud history of providing leadership in representing the views and needs of the people and businesses that rely on communications technology every day.  They have recently launched their future leaders in tech (FLINT) programme which aims to bring people together who are in their first few years of their full time career in digital tech roles or organisations.

In his previous role at Chorus, Craig lead the multilateral engagement with industry stakeholders and customers.  He was heavily involved in providing leadership in several industry sectors including Chorus’ rural broadband commitments.  He was responsible for the RBI Advisory Committee and has presented and represented Chorus at numerous Rural conferences.  He was also heavily involved with commercial and regulatory efforts on behalf of TelstraClear in previous roles.


Friday, November 1
9:00 am - 10:30 am • Collect: Networks, sensors and devices
It is one of the most transformative functions of the smart city – the internet of things. But what happens in a 5G world? How will we be connecting and collecting information in the emerging data economy? Guests:
  • Paul McManus, Meshed
  • Russell Bennett, Southern Grampians Shire Council
  • Daniel Adams, Prospect City Council
  • Tegan Kop, City of Melbourne
  • Michelle Fitzgerald, City of Melbourne
  • Claire Chaikin-Bryan, Lake Macquarie City Council
  • Craig Young, Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand
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