Catherine Caruana-McManus

Director, Meshed

Catherine Caruana-McManus is a global leader in smart cities, the Internet of Things and digital transformation.

Catherine is the Director of Meshed, IoT Integrators, founder of the global community of Giant Ideas for Smart Cities and co-Founder of the IoT Alliance Australia.  Catherine has been recognised by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Knowledge Nation initiative as one of Australia’s leading thinkers and innovators in big data and smart cities.  Catherine is pioneering public access IoT networks and data sharing models and engaging with cities and regions to bolster their livability, sustainability and workability initiatives.

Prior to Meshed, Catherine was the Director of KPMG Smart Cities and Utilities, Director of IBM’s Smarter Cities and has held other Executive positions for PMP Limited, Telstra and MC2 Consulting.

Thursday, October 31
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm • Aggregating opportunities: Smart cities across boundaries
In this session we discuss one of the most exciting trends in smart cities action and investment – cross jurisdiction partnerships.   Guests:
  • Stephen Smith, Local Government Association of South Australia
  • Tom Griffiths, South West Group, Western Australia
  • Jannat Maqbool, Hamilton City Council, NZ
  • Daniel Adams, City of Prospect
  • Matthew Szymczak, City of Greater Geelong
  • Catherine Caruana-McManus, Meshed
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